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7 pillars to discover

The MMAPPER acronym stands for 7 fundamental keys to personal and professional development.

The destination is the central P of the Project.

Where it makes sense for you in accordance with your strategic vision and that of your organisation.

The starting point is the M of the Mirror.

Any approach to development begins by discovering oneself.

The other 5 pillars are paths to explore to find your own path to success.

M   for Mirror:

Do I know myself?

M   for Method:

How am I organised?
How do I learn?

A   for Actor:

Am I committed?
Am I active, implicated and responsible?

P    for Project :

What is my objective? What is my vision?
What does it mean to me?

P    for Pleasure:

Am I enjoying myself?
Do I allow myself to?

E    for Effort:

Am I working hard?
Do I know how to balance my efforts?

R    for Risk:

Am I daring?
Do I know how to weigh up my risks?

Our promise:
find your path
to success!