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The MMAPPER community is open to those who share our beliefs in the potential of mankind and our appetite for learning.

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MMAPPER facilitators

Géraldine Berruto

in people!

Lamya Bounekhla Amrani

Start from you
to build together!

Richard Bowcott

Become the creator
of your life!

Julia Defaye

Something new
round every corner!

Jean-Marc Dollinger

How can we
communicate better?

Magali Geffroy

your teams!

Anne Le Berre

It’s possible to
be yourself at work!

Jane Le Goff

Interact with confidence
on an international level!

Rhona Mac Ritchie

We don’t have
to be perfect!

« If life is worth living
it’s for the encounters and marvels
we provoke along the way. »
Jérôme Lefeuvre,
the MMAPPER book foreword