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Team Project

Put the wind in your sails

The objective of this programme is to create a collective human development dynamic serving the strategic and operational objectives of a team.
By the end of this programme, the team will have looked beyond the day-to-day aspects of working together to create shared common goals and will have learned to communicate and work together in a benevolent, lucid and constructive manner.

Com & Co

Fulfil your potential

The objective of this programme is to improve communication skills and overall managerial posture, to build and initiate a personal and personal development project.
Com’ because by definition working on yourself leads to developing your communication skills and ‘Co’ because the programme enables the participants to establish a long-term help and support network for each other.


Create links

The objective of this training is to get to know yourself and others to manage better communication and relations on a daily basis

At the end of the programme you’ll know your strengths and axes of improvement. You will manage better stressful situations and miscommunication and you’ll know how to adapt your communication to the person you are talking to.

« If you differ from me, my brother,
far from wronging me, you enrich me. »
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry