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Discover the keys to transmission

The objective of this training is to acquire the pedagogical fundamentals to adopt a learner active and empowering posture.
Once completed, this  programme will enable you to hand over your expertise without giving, help learners to find the taste and pleasure of learning and ensure they own their new found skills and know-how.


MMAPPER Facilitator

Embody an active and empowering pedagogy

The objective of this training is to develop a facilitator’s posture and to embody an active and empowering pedagogy.
With this course, you will reflect on the role and posture of the facilitator, on learning to learn, on the tools and their optimal use.
You will experience a process of empowerment, question your practices and appropriate principles that will allow your learners to find pleasure and pleasure in being actors in their development.
You will discover an innovative and versatile model, build your own MMAPPER offer and join a co-development community.

« If you differ from me, my brother,
far from wronging me, you enrich me. »
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry